Chris Brown Is A Middle Eastern Terrorist For Halloween Because Of Course He Is

11.01.12 5 years ago 52 Comments

You know, I get a lot of grief from people when I speak on issues revolving around violence towards women. Just last week someone even told me that I “take domestic violence too seriously.” If that’s a flaw of mine, I’ll wear it proudly.

Because people like Chris Brown get let off the hook by singing sh*tty power ballads about forgiveness and wooing idiots into thinking he’s changed long enough for him to turn around and do something else detestable. Then, he gets called out for it and more people call us jerks for saying he’s a d*ck for doing so.

So here we go again: Chris Brown, the man who’s about seven Auto-Tuned apology records deep in his catalog, went out for Halloween as presumably Osama Bin Laden (but that’s just speculation. It could be any slew of Muslim because they’re all terrorists because Dubya said so) while his buddies wear beards and turbans and machine guns because racism is Chris Brown’s final frontier.

Point blank, it’s a d*ckhead move. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t sat him down yet and said, “you committed a felonious assault on a woman and got away with community service while still being able to have the number one album in the country and an armada or adoring fans. Just count your blessings and don’t be an a$$hole.” Someone has to have, right?

Anyway, he’ll probably call us all haters or some sort of f*ggot for pointing it out, but whatever. And you’ll all say “he’s begged for forgiveness” and say I’m too hard on him. And I’ll just dismissively wank in your direction and know Chris Brown’s insistence on acting like a worthless human being and getting rewarded for it (looking at you too, Rih Rih and Karr Bear) indicates that he hasn’t changed at all.

Now, knock yourselves out in the comments. Defend your hero. I’ll be here.

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