Oh, It’s Just A Video Of Chris Brown Throwing Up Gang Signs In The Club

07.02.14 4 years ago 54 Comments

Chris Brown can’t stop, won’t stop doing dumb shit. Per TMZ, the “Loyal” singer partied hard during BET Awards weekend in LA, getting so wasted he had to be carried out of one party. Great news for a guy who just did stints in jail and rehab. And so much for giving him any benefit of the doubt in regards to turning things around after getting out pokey.

But, that wasn’t the end of ignorance for CB as cameras also caught him proudly throwing up hand signs said to be affiliated with Bloods, specifically Fruit Town Piru. It’s not the first time Brown’s referenced the specific gang since pics of a graff mural he created a while back also included Fruits Piru written on it.

The video above was posted on IG by Slowbucks of all people. Way to dry snitch, Slow.

Update: As predicted Slow pulled the video but it’s too late because TMZ already had their dirty hands on it way in advance.

Seen: EbenGregory

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