Chris Brown – ‘X’

08.22.14 3 years ago 2 Comments
Chris Brown - X


“Team Breezy” is a powerful force of e-nature on these here Internets and it’s not a damn thing any of us can do to change it. We know this because the very first comment – not even one second in! – on his new song “X’s” Soundcloud is “.BANGER.” by someone names KieranXWeekes. The song hadn’t even started and Chris’ loyal (no pun intended) legion of cult followers were already on their PR game.

As for the song, however, it’s the third glimpse into what could very well go down as one of the year’s better pop/R&B (kinda hard to distinguish where the line is these days) projects. “X” is a more introspective look, if that’s the right word here, into Brown’s love life and his vow to never associate with an unnamed young lady who could be anyone from Rihanna, Karrueche or the jumpoff he met at Toxic out in Los Angeles.

As long as “Team Breezy” loves “X” – which according to those aforementioned Soundcloud comments, they do – nine times out of 10, the radio will too. And if the radio loves it, so will the clubs. And if the clubs fall in line, so will the droves of women who flock to he and Trey Songz’s upcoming tour. And if the women love it, well, you get the point.

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