Chris Cartier – “The Flame” Video

11.03.13 4 years ago

chris cartier The Flame video

I couldn’t help but giggle, thinking about my mother’s bastardization of the word “creepy” the other day, after she used it to refer to a slew of people who were the opposite of what that adjective suggested. Nearly every Ty Dolla $ign, for example, is creepy. But random people who haven’t demonstrated any signs that they are indeed weirdos? Nice try, Mom, but not so deserving of that description.

Chris Cartier’s video for “The Flame,” however, is creepy…but in the nicest way possible. Deep in the deserted woods, with some clown masked goons? Yeah, I’d check to make sure all my doors were locked, too, after watching this one. The song and video start off a little slow, but once the pomp and circumstance of the chorus kick in, I was sold. Cartier has a tenacious energy that makes him sound comfortable over the different parts of the beat, and a video that demonstrates effort is always goes the extra mile.

I can’t imagine what those faceless mannequins did to deserve that treatment, but I’d guess it was a little more than looking at Cartier and his goons in the wrong way.

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