Saturday Matinee – Chris Rock’s ‘Bring The Pain’

11.30.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

“You gotta think about OJ situation. She getting $25,000 a month, another man driving ’round his car, f*cking his wife in a house he’s still paying the mortgage on. Now I’m not saying he should’ve killed her…but I understand.”

I’ll say it once, so I’ll say it again. The best comedians always tend to have a grasp on society and how its current events always effect the common man and woman.

In that regard, Chris Rock is one of the greatest of all time. 1996’s Bring The Pain – his second HBO special after 1994’s Big Ass Jokes – is a smorgasbord of topics that littered the times from Marion Berry, OJ Simpson, Billy Dee Williams and domestic abuse, Colin Powell running for office, black-on-black racism and more. Count the future Hip-Hop references, too, because they’re littered throughout.

With today being “Rivalry Saturday” in college football, I completely understand if Chris Rock telling jokes hovering on 20-years-old isn’t on the first line of business. It’s not for me either.

Yet, if you’re a fan of a team forced to sit on a L thanks to your most hated rival for the next 365 days, all I’m saying is why not start day one off with a few laughs?

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