Chris Rock, Father’s Day & The Big Piece Of Chicken

06.16.13 5 years ago 12 Comments


Father’s Day was the one holiday of the year I never really gave much of a damn about. That’s largely due to how I grew up, but the fact remains the men worthy of the title deserve their own small slice of recognition.

Chris Rock’s legacy as one of the more socially conscious comedians in history is firmly supplanted. In this clip from 1999’s Bigger & Blacker, Rock makes light of the mother-father relationship in ways only he can. And while I’m not one myself, kudos to all the fathers I know, primarily the ones in the TSS circle: David D. for giving his son an awesome graduation ceremony from “Daddy Daycare,” Darius Sinclair for going through hell and high water through a scenario that’d make Dwyane Wade blush and Gotty for somehow touring the south on a little league basketball and baseball schedule that would tire even a 1988 Bo Jackson out and keeping this ship in order. And respect to all of the fathers of our extended family (some sites call them “commenters,” not us) who are kicking their feet up on this day.

Hopefully, all of these gifts and more come to fruition today. Or, at the very least, the big piece of chicken.

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