Christian’Dee – “Remembered” Video

04.07.12 6 years ago

Like stepping outside your front door as the sun rises to no one but you or settling into a family get together you hesitated to make, there’s a very comforting feeling omitted from Christian’Dee’s “Remembered.” From the first organ chords to the final string serenade, the Shreveport MC uses his unique, stop & go flow and humbled sense of self to positively reinforce both himself and everyone else who simply wants to be more than just a routine, typical member of society. Obviously, that’s a task easier said than done for most, but when you’ve got warming lyricism like this to help remind you that you’re not alone, the numbing grind behind your dreams seems a little more bearable.

For anyone in a similar situation, needing a little more pep in your step, check out Christian’Dee’s latest mixtape Eff.Plan.B over at Kevin Nottingham and you might just find exactly what you’ve been missing.

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