Chromeo – “Over Your Shoulder” x ‘White Women’ Album Trailer

09.17.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

TSS’ resident Chromeo fan Beware was a little disappointed when the Montreal duo released their latest from their upcoming White Women album, “Over Your Shoulder.”

“I can’t believe there isn’t any vocoder in this,” Benjamin lamented. “Bummer.”

True, B, there’s no vocoder lurking among the synthy bassline of “Over Your Shoulder,” but the sexy funk still leaps up off the Soundcloud file like a crate of half-mad and horny Gila monsters. Dave 1 commends all the ladies out there for looking too fine–“next time you’re feeling down, turn that frown into a crown and put on a evening gown”–no matter their build or size. The duo’s still down to clown and believes the fans are, too.

“Dope track regardless,” Beware said in conclusion. Yes, dope indeed, even sans vocoder.

Check out “Over Your Shoulder” and the White Women trailer below. The album releases soon.

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