Your Daily Funk: Chromeo’s “So Gangsta”

07.26.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

she's in control cover chromeo

Don’t get it twisted, “So Gangsta” isn’t terribly watered-down rap braggadocio. Far from, actually. Instead, this instrumental stand-out from Chromeo’s 2004 debut She’s In Control is a digital freak fest that immediately leaves your body moving like you’re being tickled with ten hands.

Then, right when the lead arpeggiated synths need to catch their breath, the excitable hook bursts in – just asking to be sung along to – only to be followed up by a saxophone break-down that would leave Kenny G awkwardly slow-clapping, while everyone around him danced unabashedly.

Come to think of it, a thugged out MC wouldn’t even know what to do with something this dope.

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