Chromeo’s Next Album Will Be 183 Seconds Long

03.10.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s one for ‘ya. Chromeo – the group who puts years in between releases to ensure the proper touch is placed upon each and every aspect of their body rocking reputation of indie hits – will be unveiling their fourth album Drive Time, only seven months after Business Casual had folks loosening up last fall. The kicker, however, is less the short window and more the fact this so-called LP will be 55 songs long and just over three minutes in length. To make it even more out there, the dynamic duo have filmed this hilarious, Christopher Guest-esque clip of them explaining their odd concept and the significance of having the world’s smallest album.

If this actually happens, Chromeo would adding be a really awesome addition to the Power Hour games going on around college campus during finals this spring.

Cred: Consequence Of Sound

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