Church Buys Strip Club, Plans To Convert Space Into Even More Church

09.10.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

About 40 people lost their jobs on Sunday after a church pulled the ultimate boss move and bought a building housing the last remaining strip club in a town of 140,000 residents. Thanks, Obama.

A Hunt Club has now come to a close after serving the Fort Collins, Colorado area boobs and beer for 25 years. The plan started several months ago when Aaron Bekkala, a co-owner of the club, contacted Executive Pastor Rob Cowles of the Timberline Church about wanting to close and sell the nudie bar. Next thing you know, the two become friends and through the power of Gawdduh and Jeezusuh, the club is sold to the church.

21-year-old stripper Ashley Trent was left stunned by the move despite describing the club’s performance in the last six months as “kind of slow, kind of dead.” Still, the 40 employees were blindsided when the owners, who had not given any warning, alerted the dancers that Sunday was their last day on the ol’ brass pole.

Naturally, Timberline Church plans on converting the space into another church because that’s what you do when you buy a strip club and have barrels of holy water on hand. Uh-doy.

As for the now jobless strippers, they’ve already been contacted and offered job placement assistance by Treasures Ministry, a support and outreach group for women in the sex industry. But as one of the strippers pointed out, “is it going to pay $60,000 a year to feed my family?” Ha! Oh no, lady. It most definitely will not.

Cred: Peeperz

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