Cop Ciara’s New CD On Groupon In A Bundle Package With Her Greatest Hits CD

07.30.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Bills have to be paid, yo. Bills. Have. To. Be. Paid.

Here’s what’s known. Ciara’s “Body Party” is one of the more successful R&B singles of 2013 and an undeniable comeback hit for the Atlanta songstress. But album sales for Ciara have also left quite a few things to be desired. Like, you know, more album sales. In hopes to remedy the situation, Future’s ol’ lady has paired up with Groupon packaging two albums for the price of one. Here’s the 411:

Ciara is a Grammy Award–winning R&B singer, songwriter, and producer with five full-length albums to her name. Her latest, Ciara, is a dance-oriented affair with guest appearances from Nicki Minaj and Future. “This album goes beyond my music,” she says of the record. “It’s about my life.” Also included is Ciara’s entry into the Playlist series, which bundles 14 of the singer’s tracks with a booklet, liner notes, and hunk of her aura.

That’s right. CiCi’s got a greatest hits album including the lights of “Promise,” “Goodies,” and “Like A Boy.” Not exactly the reincarnation of Janet Jackson, but hey, if there really are 14 classic records from Ci, then all the more power to her. If the “Ride” video isn’t included, however, then that’s just false advertisement. And between Jay and Big Sean’s releases via Samsung and now Ci with Groupon, these #newrules are spreading like wildfire.

This applies, right?

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