Ciara’s Softcore Porn

04.22.10 8 years ago 41 Comments

Because that’s exactly what it is.

Yesterday, I happened to spot a new video from one-time R&B superpower, Ciara. Like many before her, her career has traveled from unknown to cover girl to fall-off to the arduous task of re-energizing her career with the coming of her new album Basic Instinct. Through texts, BBM’s and tweets, rumblings of a – what’s the best term here – “exotic” new video from CiCi was making its rounds on the internet. Being the genius I happen to be, YouTube afforded me the opportunity to view Ciara channel her inner-Trey Songz on “U Got Me (Basic Instinct).”

Not the greatest track in the world, but better than 98% of her last album, so complaining was not necessarily the first option. BUT, there’s always a but (in this case, thighs and hips, too), it turned out that was the “wrong” video. I should have actually been watching her extremely suggestive Ludacris assisted single, “Ride.” Being raised by my mother and grandmother for the greater majority of my life, having respect for women has always been stressed and mandated. With that said, I’m also a man who cannot help if my mental slips into the gutter with such vivid imagery (and lyrics). Feel free to glance over some notes.

1. Until someone comes with some legit proof that this young lady was born with a “hot dog” and a “hallway” (cringes), I’m refuse to believe such stuff. This urban legend has been placed beside the legendary “B.G. dying of heroin overdose” and Styles P track where he allegedly dissed Aaliyah after her death.

2. The song isn’t half bad. But you probably don’t care.

3. Seeing Nicki Minaj appear on the remix wouldn’t be a surprise. Or a bad look in Ciara’s case.

4. Those pelvic, hip gyrations are ridiculous. In fact, the :36 – :38 mark.

Best believe, however, if my younger cousin ever attempts to recreate this, I’ll be madder than George W. having to shake hands with Haitians. Hypocritical? Damn right, but so is life. If you have yet to stumble upon the video, feel free to click the sideways triangle and formulate your own opinion.

Bonus: Whether or not this video makes it to TV remains to be seen. Thankfully, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart provided Ciara with a more subdued record she should be able to cash in on. It could be one of those songs to play for your summer fling while selling the best dreams your mental can conjure up. Don’t act like you aren’t already looking.


Download — Ciara Feat. The Dream – “Speechless”

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