Reshaping The Mold

02.16.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

I’m a Nikehead. Straight up. If you know me, you knew that already though. However if you really know me, I’m about shoes period and the brand isn’t always my determining factor when deciding if a shoe is dope enough to make the cut. There’s situations where I like to watch a brand develop, emerging from upstart to noticed and on to “force to be reckoned with.” Right now, Clae seems to be following that path successfully.

Aside from the actual shoes, I stumbled across this interview with company’s creative director Sung Choi and I absolutely loved the frame of mind he’s infusing into the creation and design of their shoes. Peep.

Clae addresses the need of quality footwear for men of all ages by offering style, versatility and comfort. We create footwear built for everyday living.

I think we’ve been bringing some much needed versatility to a jaded sneaker consumer who got caught up in collecting un-wearable “limited” shoes instead of enjoying actually wearing their shoes. We’re also providing an alternative to a younger audience, who are just now maturing and beginning to take interest in their personal style, as well as the older gentlemen who are looking for a little more style and youthfulness without being juvenile. On a whole though, we’re very interested in how our shoe can really come alive once they’re on ones feet and how easily it’s able to transition from different occasions. That versatility and effortlessness is what we strive for. [The Malcolm]

Word. Good prices. Clean lines. A nice variance in materials used. Versatile and functional. That’s what I see with their products. They can be perceived as mature without being too square. While I think there’s nothing too cutting edge about most of the styles, maybe that’s the catch because there’s always a comfort in the familiar. And it’s always good to have alternatives to the traditional standards and the updated twists gives Clae just enough to put them ahead of the competition right now.

If you can find a pair, their collabo with Stussy had to be one of my favorite sneakers from last year. Below, a few shots from their upcoming spring collection.

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