Clark Airlines Takes Off With His New Track, ‘Options’

04.27.15 3 years ago

Words By Jake Krez

The midwest stays producing exciting content as a region mostly because of the area’s ability to create a myriad different styles. In hip-hop in particular, it is the Midwest that has pulled hip-hop through it’s tough times and given it a soulful new gleaning here in 2015. It’s no surprise then, to find acts like Clark Airlines, an act on the come up that has proven his ability to flex across several rhyme schemes, audial aesthetics and the like, combining them into a distinct, over-arching motif that comes through here on his premiere of “Options”.

The lead single off his upcoming project, Trill Air, “Options” is draped in the influences that make the artist who he is while paced by a thumping backing beat. Sounding something like Kendrick from the middle of the map at times, the longtime videographer asserts himself on this stepping out, rhyming: “I ain’t never been a thug in a gang/I ain’t Chief Malik but a bad bitch keep me on Stone.” He’s not afraid to let everyone know that this is his main lane, and he’s worth keeping on the radar to see what else happens from here.

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