Clayton Hill Confesses To Being An Accessory In Biggie Smalls’ Murder

07.05.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

First we get a convict confessing to shooting Tupac and now a former Nation Of Islam member steps forward claiming to play a part in the murder of Biggie Smalls. According to HipHopDx, Clayton Hill first contacted them in early June stating that in May of 1997 official members of Atlanta’s Muhammad Mosque #15 asked him to dispose a weapon from a fellow N.O.I. member from Los Angeles named Dawoud Muhammad. Hill claims he met Muhammad at a Greyhound station and took possession of a firearm that Muhammad claimed he used to shoot the rapper.

“[Dawoud Muhammad] stated to me that he was on the run for the murder [of The Notorious B.I.G.],” Hill told HHDX. “He disclosed that he was the shooter of The Notorious B.I.G. because he (Dawoud) was a former Blood gang member and was paid to do so.” The sum he was paid? $25,000, according to Hill.

Currently incarcerated in a Chicago federal facility, Hill has a jailhouse memoir, Diary of an Ex-Terrorist, releasing soon.


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