“Clear It Out” – Review Of Trina’s Still The Baddest

04.03.08 10 years ago 22 Comments

It’s amazing how far a slick tongue and pin-up girl body can take you. Miami’s diamond princess, Trina used her potty-mouthed lyrics to gain notoriety in the Rap game and her voluptuous curves to grace countless magazine covers. With her omnipresent visibility in thongs and swimsuits, one would think her recording career had become secondary, if nonexistent all together. But music is what pays the bills and Ms. M.I.A. is back on her fourth album to let the world know that she’s Still The Baddest.

Possibly the biggest constituent to Trina’s longevity is her audience. As the voice of the sassy, urban, independent female, she’ll always have a choir to preach to. So when you hear the trumpeting synthesizers of “Single Again” come on in the club, fellas look out. The defiant sing-a-long chorus is conceivably something all ladies can relate to. At times, Trina brandishes a much needed upgrade in her pen game. Showing some flex on “Still The Baddest,” (“Observe the persona/fuck the feedback) and the edgy “Clear It Out” make for acceptable fodder, and she sounds extremely comfortable with labelmate Rick Ross riding shotgun on “Hot Commodity.”

Unsurprisingly, the baddest bitch spends too much time reiterating what we already know. Whether she’s talkin’ dirty after dark on “Phone Sexx” or bragging bout her sunshine on “Killing You Hoes,” Still The Baddest is nothing short of unoriginal. One minute it’s “I Got A Thang For You” then the next “I Wish I Never Met You.” Never does she take time to scratch the surface on her personal turmoils or give the girls who look up to her some of life’s lessons. Not to say Trina’s expected to deliver Notable Quotables when she rocks a mic(rophone), but after a decade in the game, a little craftiness on her records shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

With production like J-Rock’s Casio® keyboard hodgepodge on “Look Back At Me” and Missy’s best Ringling Bros. rendition on “I Got A Bottle” weighing the LP down even further, Trina gets an A for attitude, and a counseling statement for effort. Hopefully next time around, we’ll get more of an artistic angle because like Trina without visuals, Still The Baddest just isn’t all that appealing.

Still Da Baddest (Bonus Tracks)

Trina Feat. Keyshia Cole – I Gotta Thang For You (Video)|(Audio)

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