F*ck Yeah: Cleveland Indians Slash Stadium Beer Prices

03.17.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

For northeast Ohio baseball fans, the 2013 season will see the Cleveland Indians cut their stadium beer prices on game days from over $5 to $4 for a 12-ounce mug of fermented hops.

According to a story by CNBC’s Brian A. Schactman, the Indians wanted to find a way to get more fans to come to games, asked the handful who still go to Tribe games about what would better their experience, and came up with the strategy. Oh, and they slashed the price of stadium hotdogs to $3, too.

“‘Through the course of those surveys, we understand that concessions was a barrier to the enjoyment part of attending a baseball game in Cleveland,’ said Kurt Schloss, the team’s Vice President of Concessions. ‘Based on that feedback, it turned into how do we change the perception of attending a game and turn it into a positive.'”

The move makes Cleveland’s beer prices the cheapest in the league, about 34 percent less than the league average, according to Schloss, and considerably less expensive than the eye-gouging prices found in Detroit (really?), Miami and Philadelphia, according to a 2012 Statista study. So maybe this will bring the Jake’s attendance back to mid-1990s levels, although fans attending an Indians game this summer might find better bang for their buck at Great Lakes Brewery or some dive before the game.

But it’s the small things. Cleveland: now with cheaper stadium beer, Terry Francona, a declining “most miserable city” ranking and Uncle Drew.


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