“Cleveland Rocks…”

02.23.09 9 years ago 40 Comments

I caught the Cavs vs. Pistons game Sunday night & I hate to say it (sorry LC & Beware), but the Pistons are done. They’re gonna be a non-factor come playoff time. They appeared to be about their business during warm-ups, but as soon as the ball was tipped they were listless as Clay Aiken at a strip club. On the other hand, Lebron and Co. were stanky leggin’ to their hearts content, probably taking a total of 3 ½ shots before the tip. My only Pistons highlight was seeing Rasheed Wallace out early taking 3’s looking like a straight bum with some cut up sweat pants and Carolina blue Sheed Force Ones on. He didn’t disappoint at all: getting a tech within five minutes and not scoring until the 3rd quarter. So with the Cavs up by 15 only ten minutes into the game, my mind naturally started to wander.

First of all, when Bone said “Cleveland is the city where we come from so run, run” on “East 1999” they weren’t playing. It’s a grimy ass city and that won’t change anytime soon. Stray too far from downtown and you better be with someone from the city. With that being said, I’ve been up there a few times and they have one of the most hood malls I’ve ever been to. More swap meet than mall, I was bargaining with store employees on clothes and Timbs. They don’t even charge me sales tax and these were national chain stores. It also had a studio/CD store which I had to make a quick stop in.

Perusing CD’s through a glass case I spied a retail copy of Street’s Disciple and it doesn’t come out for another week. When I ask the chick how much she wants for it she says $10. I pull out a $20 so fast; I damn near rip my back pocket off. Not having change, she says can I go somewhere else to break it. Being the gentleman I am, I’m more than happy to oblige.

So I go grab a drink from the food court and come back only to see her manager standing beside her. I proceed to give her the money and when she hands me the album, he’s like “what the fuck are you doing? That’s $30!” I told him I was already told $10 and you got me bent if I give you $30 for it. He tries to reason that I know what I’m getting and I shouldn’t take advantage of the chick not knowing the difference between a bootleg and retail album. Kindly letting him know it wasn’t my fault for her ignorance, I was willing to pay $15 and keep it moving, but I wasnt’ giving the CD back and I didn’t seeing him being too quick to give me my money back. Begrudgingly he agrees on $15 and I whip the phone out to call TC back home to let him know how I just got over on ol’ dude.

Looking up briefly to see Delonte West already had eleven points with two minutes left in the 1st, I stroll back down memory lane. I started thinking about “Live Now” and that chick Scarlett. Cats on the message board I used to frequent like it was TSS (which shall forever remain nameless) really thought ol’ girl died. I’ll admit that I briefly thought it was Scarlett O’Hara, but I knew she didn’t really die. Boy did Nas really pull the wool over peoples eye’s with that one. Posts were sparking up left and right with people asking where to send flowers and when was Nas gonna put her on. No one even noticed she sounded like Nas on helium and when someone brought it up, he was dismissed like he was a complete idiot. Those were the days…

By halftime the Cavs had doubled up the Pistons and I thought about the time Jean Grae came through my city. Showing up the venue around 1 am with some crazy story about how she almost died driving from Chicago, she proceeded to perform after a few shots. Right before doing “Take Me,” she goes on a rant how she didn’t like how a particular rapper used this sample and how he shoulda let her hop on the song since she used it first. Asking if anyone knew what she was talking about, I spoke up after the crowd stood there silent for a few minutes, blurting out Nas’ “Sekou Story.” She put on a good show and I got to chop it with her and her DJ after the show. It was a good night and made coming out in a blizzard worth driving out in my hooptie that was barely safe in good weather.

I finally snapped out of it, courtesy of Dick Vitale’s brother who sat behind us giving running commentary for the whole game. Thanks to him I realized that Daniel Gibson is worthless and Wally Szczerbiak is the ultimate “team player.” All in all it was a fun time and for one night, I was a witness as Lebron put up the quietest 20-5-9 I’ve ever seen in my life. Plus it was hilarious seeing the crowd boo J.J. Hickson for holding the ball and letting the clock run out, instead of trying to break 100 points so they could get a free Chalupa. That about says how tough things are when people want to get something for free that costs 79¢/24 hours a day. Plus I made it from Columbus to Cleveland, and back without being pulled over driving a car with Michigan plates. I’m pretty sure the snow forcing everyone drive 45 mph helped a little bit.

Not a bad day at all.

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