Matt Barnes & DeAndre Jordan Look Higher Than Telephone Poles In This Picture With Wiz Khalifa

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07.02.14 20 Comments

Wiz Matt Barnes Deandre Jordan

Good thing the NBA doesn’t drug test during the offseason. If they did, the Clippers probably would be losing a couple guys to suspension next season.

Wiz Khalifa took to his Instagram to drop this gem of a picture of himself between two very “enlightened” Los Angeles Clippers, DeAndre Jordan and Matt Barnes. There should be a handbook that the NBA hands out each summer to sort of remind guys how not to become a TMZ headline. Simple stuff like, don’t drink and drive, don’t knock up a stripper, don’t accept any pills not prescribed to you, don’t fall asleep while you’re with the side chick and do not under any circumstances go get smoked out by Wiz Khalifa then pose for a picture.

I’m not sure what the occasion was – if Jordan and Barnes were toasted or just blinking when the pic was snapped and Wiz was a douche and kept the picture anyway – but, either way, Wiz is sure to get a “Hey bro, can you delete that pic?” text real soon.

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