Clipse’s CNN Interview Confirms They’re Never Doing Another Album

05.16.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

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Pending your Twitter timeline was anything like mine, Thursday night was dominated by Game 6 Clippers/Thunder talk. Wedged in between, however, was the Clipse’s interview with CNN’s Bill Weir.

It caught me off-guard because before being alerted by tweets, I had no clue the Brothers Thornton had a special on the horizon. And worth noting, neither Pusha or No Malice appear in the same clip together. That spoke more volumes than any scene or quote in the report.

So is the 15-minute clip worth the watch? It all depends on what you’re expecting. For long time fans of the Clipse, nothing is groundbreaking. Although, I’m not going to lie, hearing Gene speak about his path in life and how it’s a complete 180 from the days of Lord Willin and Hell Hath is still weird to let soak in. And not weird in a “why would you want to give your life to God” type of way. By no means is it grounds to look down upon. Rather, weird in a “wow, this guy really had a ‘come to God’ moment and dropped everything.”

Yet, for those sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum with little to no knowledge of the Virginia Beach duo, it is an intriguing look into one of the most beloved rap groups of the 2000s and how their run basically came to an end nearly at the drop of a dime.

Weir comes off overly aggressive at moments in wanting to know the story, the actual process in selling dope (now that was weird because if he thought No Malice was going to explain the step-by-step manual for how crack deals transpire, he had to have been high himself) and other tidbits. That said, give the guy credit for taking a shot at telling one of the more unique and question-filled sagas in rap.

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