02.13.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Photo by Lee Starnes

As a culture, we’ve come a long way since Kool Herc was spinnin’ records in the park. And, oh those kookie Atlantans keep pushing the envelope. First Big links with the Atlanta Dance Company and manages to work Hip-Hop into the dance circuit. Now, CNN features SMKA & A.Leon’s work with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

“This is a very special and unique collaboration between Hip-Hop and Classic that is truly the first of its kind. SMKA was commissioned by The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to remix a piece for their “Concerts for Young People” series. The song 808 Blake created is called “Music is My Life” produced by SMKA, and it is written and performed by Aleon Craft. Additionally, Parker Smith played the guitar and Brand Dorfman scored the peice. It has been performed 20 times since October 2009. CNN covered the collaboration last week and aired the special today.”

Three x dope. Imagine telling your mom or lady,”Nah I gotta go play with the orchestra tonight. CNN’s filming the performance and I got an interview with them after.”


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