Cody ChesnuTT – “Til I Met Thee”

09.28.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

For those familiar with Cody ChesnuTT outside of his notable appearance alongside The Roots on “The Seed 2.0,” the last time a lot of us saw the eclectic soul artist was probably in backstage scenes for Dave Chapelle’s terrifically funny and musically outfitted Block Party film, which might well have been the apex of my backpacker days.

Though ChesnuTT and his guitar only appeared in a couple of short clips, it was enough to have me rummaging through YouTube for years in hope of finding these two songs – “King Of The Game” and “Parting Ways.” That’s the thing about timeless music — it’ll have you scouring the internet based on nothing more than a couple of 30-second snippets.

Now, a full decade after the release of his first and only full-length release, The Headphone Masterpiece, ChesnuTT is set to roll out a new album this fall. For his new LP, Landing On A Hundred, ChesnuTT — accompanied by a 10-piece band — recorded in the soul hotbed of Memphis, TN. It shows on his new track, “Til I Met Thee,” a swinging number with sweeping horns and sunny drums. It might be 10 years since he last put out a record, but ChesnuTT still has the kind of effortlessly smooth voice that can be imitated but not easily replicated.

Landing On A Hundred is set to drop on October 30th.

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