Collie Buddz – “Payback’s A B**ch”

04.02.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

If there was enough time to carve out space to write, believe you me this would be a 700-word biblical entry on why Collie Buddz’s “Come Around” was a personal Top 10 college song. Since there isn’t, let’s, instead, focus on Collie’s new single “Payback’s A B*tch.”

No clue where Buddz has been, or if he has been around why I’m just now getting hip. However, the sing-songy, guitar-featured single combines his expected island influence to go along with all the elements crossover hits usually encompass.

In the meantime – while we wait and see if this becomes just another single lost in the sea of the Internet or if an actual push is being prepared – look for Collie currently on the “Light It Up” tour with Cris Cab and New Kingston.

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