Combat Jack At TEDxGowanus: Living Inside And Outside The Rap Revolution

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combat jack TEDxGowanus

Podcasts are my thing now. When I’m droning away in my cubicle, filing TPS reports and such, the quick peeks I take at TSS and a handful of podcasts are what keep me from clicking the reply all button and going all Joakim Noah on my colleagues.

One of my all-time favorites is The Combat Jack Show. I just listened to the Donwill episode on the way into work, and was able to traverse the slick, ice covered, streets with laughter in my heart as opposed to the usual soul crushing depression. What makes Combat and the crew so great is that in addition to the humor and general f*ck shit that takes place in the studio, I usually come away from an episode having learned something.

Along those lines, Combat Jack aka attorney and published author Reggie Ossé spreads the knowledge to a less familiar audience as he lead a Ted Talk entitled “Living Inside And Outside of the Hip Hop Revolution.” Even if you aren’t familiar with The Combat Jack Show, or Combat as an Internet/Hip-Hop personality, this is definitely worth fifteen minutes of your time. Combat shares his own history growing up in New York City during Hip-Hop’s infancy and watching how the culture mutated and changed over the years.

Although Combat Jack is older than I am and is a native New Yorker, as a long time Hip-Hop fan in my early 30s, I definitely share some of his feelings of disconnection with rap as represented in popular culture. In addition, his feelings about race in America, comments about code switching, and moving throughout different cultures and environments definitely resonate with me as a fellow annoyed black man.

If you have a mindless task to do at work, or you’re stuck at home in the snow, take a few minutes and see another side of Combat Jack.

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