Coming Attractions: Air Jordan Retro 6 ‘Carmine’

05.14.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

Birdman hand rub on infinite loop right now. Six years from the last CDP release, the Air Jordan Retro 6 ‘Carmine’ makes a comeback in less than two weeks. I. Am. Pumped. Compared to the 2008s the 2014 releases look to stand the test of time. Other than the toebox looking a tad short (a 9.5 is pictured), they don’t look bad at all. The rear profile is a bit higher, and the soles have a blue tinge to them but nothing jumps out at me screaming of garbage quality.

Regardless of how many are produced, the Carmine 6s will be a smash hit and won’t sit on shelves like the Concord 2s did. Aside from the smooth colorblocking, these are the first kicks Jordan laced up in the ’91-’92 season after finally getting past those goddamned Bad Boy Pistons en route to a chip. If memory serves me correctly, the 6s were also the only original Air Jordan that utilized the carmine red, making them all the more popular. I don’t even know what the hell a carmine is but that doesn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, Mike invented the color name.

Look man. I get the complaints about the quality of retros these days. Really, I do. Most remakes are hit or miss especially when buying online but flaws be damned I’m wearing the hell out of the Carmines if I can secure a pair.

The Air Jordan Retro 6 ‘Carmine’ releases May 24th for $170 at JB retailers, like our homies at Uptown Miami. Just don’t buy my size dammit.

Air Jordan Retro 6 Carmine 2

Air Jordan Retro 6 Carmine 3

Air Jordan Retro 6 Carmine 4

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