Coming Attractions: Nike Air Bakin Retro

03.29.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

Ever wanted a pair of shoes so ugly they were somehow desirable? These Nike Air Bakin Retros, aka the Ronald McDonalds, might fit that list for a lot of sneakerheads. The favorite shoe of Tim Hardaway, the Heat colors just didn’t transfer so well onto the elongated shoe.

Still, much like the Raids, the Bakins were almost tailor made for outdoor use. Mudguards and a tough as nails sole were a favorite on the blacktop in the late ’90s. File these under cult classics. None of my friends from childhood ever fully admitted to liking these quasi-monstrosities, but as time passed I saw more and more kids rocking the hell out of them.

The Nike Air Bakin Retro releases April 5th. Hopefully, this also means the more popular black and royal version is on the horizon. If so, fellow ’90s hoops fans should gear up for a hot summer.

Nike Air Bakin 2

Nike Air Bakin 3

Nike Air Bakin 4

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New York Knicks' Chris Childs (L) drives past the

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