Coming Attractions: Nike Air Raid Retro

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Nike Air Raid 1

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Words By Retro Boogie

The Nike Air Raid holds a very special place in my heart as far as sneakers go.

As a kid, I begged my mother for the newest shoes damn near every month with the promise that it would make me better at basketball. Didn’t work. What did work though was Nike’s marketing campaign of a rugged, streetball shoe spearheaded by Spike Lee.

Not cheap by any means, but most shoe stores were touting the toughness and durability of the Raid. A shoe that’s damn near impossible to destroy was music to any parent’s ears who were trying to save money on their kids’ wardrobes. Those Raids were as good as sold.

The first Air Raids I’ve ever owned lasted me almost an entire year. From stunting on a bootleg Huffy to getting my ass handed to me on the courts to playing hide-and-go-get’em, they stayed on my feet damn near daily and took beatings like a champ. Any shoe that integral to my childhood, I’m dying to purchase. There were brief teasings of it last year but now we’re graced with much better pics of the classics.

Now priced at $135, the retro looks every bit as tough as the original. Reinforced cross stitching on the straps and an untouched outsole with the ever familiar steel plating pattern make them perfect for pounding the pavement or getting sloppy at the bars without too big a fear of scuffs. We’ve all been there before. Peeking at kicks post-hammertime praying they didn’t get annihilated during late night shenanigans. These are the ideal pair for such type of activities.

The Nike Air Raid Retro drops March 29th. Peace God.

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Nike Air Raid 2

Nike Air Raid 3

Nike Air Raid 7

Nike Air Raid 5

Nike Air Raid 6

Nike Air Raid 4

Nike Air Raid 8

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