Coming Attractions: Urban Indie Live @ 12th And Porter

03.16.11 7 years ago

From Nashville and not trekking to ATX with us? Don’t trip. There’s still live music going down in town, especially on Friday @ 12th And Porter for “Urban Indie Live.”

Nashville Scene:

“In case you missed the memo, urban music in Music City is hot like fire. Who’da thunk it? We’d be a little dumbfounded ourselves if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes: People are packing out shows for headliners and locals alike, great new records are showing up in our inbox on the regular, and there’s just an overall sense of excitement among artists and audiences. It’s kinda awesome! And if you don’t believe it, go witness for yourself. [Friday] night’s installment of the long-running Urban Indie Live series is the perfect introduction to the diverse and exciting underground developing here in town. Sam & Tre are among our favorite new groups, dropping big bouncy dubstep and glitch-influenced hip-hop. Mike Hicks is hands down one of the best keyboardists in the entire city, and one of the most soulful cats you’ll ever see on stage. Rio makes majestic, romantic club-bangers, and Albert J has a suave flow right from the get-go.”

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