“I Stay With The Semi, Like Eddie In Coming To America…”

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It’s readily apparent that I get all types of emails & material in my inbox. Those messages often include actual personal emails from friends & acquaintances, i.e. people I like receiving emails from. Well, Suave sent this one and, even though I’ve seen the movie more than enough, some of these stumped me. Therefore, I ask for your help in completing the “Coming To America Quiz.”

1. What is Akeem’s full name?

2. “My name is Peaches…” what is her sister’s name?

3. Who is Dottie?

4. Who falls down the stairs and farts?

5. In the Miss Black Awareness Pageant, how many women are wearing a thong bikini?

6. Who directed Coming to America?

7. What year and month did Coming to America hit the theaters?

8. “It’s got one window facing a brick wall. I used to rent it to a blind man” How is this later contradicted?

9. How does the king punish Semmi?

10. What is the name of Randy Watson’s band?

11. What is the big difference between the Big Mic and the Big Mac?

12. What is the address to McDowells?

13. Who plays Mrs. McDowell?

14. How does Akeem really know Mortimer and Randolph?

15. Besides Martin Luther King, who does Mr. Clarence claimed to have met?

16. What is the name of Akeem’s pet elephant?

17. What is the name of the Jackie Wilson song Akeem sings?

18. How many characters do Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall play in the movie?

19. Who does Semmi end up falling in love with?

20. What famous South African chorus sings the opening sequence of the movie?

21. Why can’t Darryl help stop the robbery at Mc Dowells?

22. What airline do Akeem and Semmi fly to America?

23. What university does Akeem claim he attends?

24. James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair, also play King and Queen in what other famous movie?

25. What famous singer choreographed the African dance leading to Imani’s reveal?

26. In what part of the movie does John Landis make his director’s cameo?

27. What is Imani’s favorite food?

28. Who originally came up with the fictional name Zamunda?

29. How old was Joe Louis when he fought Rocky Marcianno according to Mr. Clarence?

30. How much did Akeem spend on the Ruby earrings for Lisa?

Bonus Questions For NYC Residents

Bonus #1: In the apartment scenes, how do we know they are not really filming in Queens, NY?

Bonus #2: What is the name of the subway stop Akeem is in when he chases Lisa?

Bonus #3: McDowell’s is really what popular food chain in Queens?

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