Common Confirms Drake Diss, Pusha T Adds Fuel To The Fire

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12.20.11 95 Comments

Continuing on his recent media run, Common appeared as a guest on Sway & Dev’s radio show this morning and pretty much confirmed the intended target of the poisonous darts in “Sweet” were aimed at one, no longer anonymous MC. Lonnie Lynn made his intentions clear by confessing the shots were for Drake. Thus far, no response from Aubrey* but his musical counterpart Noah “40” Shebib did tweet a couple of comments questioning Com’s own musical soft side.

All along, most listeners assumed Common’s see-through shots were driven by another artist. Drake seems like an unlikely target though. As 40 stated, Common’s explored his softer side on wax and been linked to more than his fair share of women. As things may have it, the attention of his former friend Serena may be what caused the “Sweet” attack, perhaps causing Com to switch from professional** to personal and take aim at Drake amidst rumors the lucky Canuck and Williams were linked as hump buddies. It looks like Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” musings and assorted flings may have led him down the path to a very unwanted Hip-Hop beef.

Tossing more fuel to the fire, Pusha T pulled out his lyrical quiver to fire off arrows aimed at Drake, again. And I say again because last time he dropped the “sweaters” line and other slight references in “Don’t F*ck With Me,” a few commenters questioned my assertion the lines were directed at Aubrey. The latest set of lines…

“I hear ‘em whisper like a hummingbird sing
Of all the trust issues that 100 birds bring
Now the wolves out hunting for your bling
You out preyin’ on the bitches with the lowest self-esteem
It’s a common running theme.”

…done ironically over Com’s “Sweet”? Yeah, you be the judge.

Listen to Pusha’s track and check Com’s “Sway In The Morning” interview, both below.

Pusha T – “Sweet (Freestyle)”

Update: Looks like Drake took the bait and sent out a few tweets of his own, typing “Platinum, now THAT”S Sweet.” Of course, he deleted the messages but fortunately Twitter users tend to catch everything and save it for record-keeping purposes.

Cred: SwayUniverse

* – Neither one of these dudes have names appropriate for beefing.

** – I guess rap’s a profession now, right?

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