Common, Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s Take You Through Chicago In “The Neighborhood”

07.17.14 4 years ago 27 Comments

common nobody's smiling album cover

We’re less than a week away from getting our grubby hands on Nobody’s Smiling, and if you can’t tell by all of the nice things we’ve already said, the TSS deligation is pretty darn excited.

What’s that? You don’t share in our joy? Take one of these and call us in the morning: “The Neighborhood.” Carrying a tone befit of the album’s somber title (and album artwork), Common uses the greyest paint in his arsenal to bring life to the concrete-clad streets that raised him.

And then you see names like Lil Herb and Cocaine 80s standing next to him, and you start thinking about how Mr. Sense has his ear to the streets as much as we do. If there’s a better song at bridging the gap between generations old and new, it didn’t come out in 2014.

Prepare your wallets for July 22.

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