Common Talks The Mystical Powers Of The “Badu Box” That Had Him Wearing Crochet Pants And Dashikis

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07.09.14 56 Comments

Rapper/”actor” Common was the special guest on The Combat Jack Show yesterday. Fans were treated with 90 minutes of the Windy City rapper speaking candidly about everything from growing up in Chicago, the city’s current black crime plight, Emmett Till, reuniting with No I.D., the new album and a lot more.

Among topics discussed was the infamous “Badu Box.” If you’ll recall, Common switched his whole style up during the Electric Circus era when he began dating Erykah Badu in the early aughts.

On the “Badu Box”:

“Yeah, the ‘Badu Box’ is real. Man, it could take you to another universe. Nah but seriously, she…that’s when you meet somebody that’s real special and you’re like, ‘Man, this woman’s got…she got something else, man. It ain’t just sex, it ain’t just the looks. It’s just man something that’s kind of like spirit-wise where you’re like, ‘This woman got something else.’ And that’s all it is.

“For me, I was just like, I appreciated her from all those aspects. Her being super-talented, her being real fresh and be into new shit I just wasn’t up on. And at the same token, that whole spiritual thing was like…and it’s real.”

On changing his style up:

“I think more than anything, she definitely was not like, ‘Yo! Wear this!’ It was something that was coming from me, as far as like, moving to New York… I had aspirations to do something new, to change, to grow and try new things. It so happen… she definitely was an influence. I can’t act like she wasn’t an influence cause she introduced me to certain people that were creative artists. But as far as my choice, it was my choice to say, ‘Hey man, I wanna do this, I wanna do that.’ She was like… Some of the people you surround yourself around, they do have influence. But she wasn’t agreeing with some of my fashion choices either, to be honest.

“That period of my life, man. I had a great time and I love…I think Erykah is…I be listening to some of her songs and man, this girl is dope.”

Listen to the whole interview below:

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