We Can’t Let Common Off The Hook For Playing Himself

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Common has been Hip-Hop’s untouchable golden goose for a while now. His cache of great contributions to the culture have rendered him damn near impervious to missteps. Sure, he’s done Gap commercials and put out a bad album that gets attributed to Erykah Badu and the UMC album that stands as one of the five worst I’ve ever heard. But through it all, Common has been damn near teflon for his library and the fact he’s found success while rapping in the way we always want our rappers to rap. Even Jay Z said he wished he could become a millionaire rapping like Common Sense.

It’s almost blasphemous to call Common out. That’s why everyone seemed to give him a pass for one of rap’s weakest “feuds” of all time as he lobbed shots at Drake on “Sweet.” Because, let’s be real: yelling curse words as ad-libs without a single actual rhyming bar is a pretty weak way to diss someone. Let’s be real part 2: Drake’s retaliation on “Stay Schemin'” blew Common’s subsequent diss out of the water. What really do you remember about Common’s barb besides a line about club soda?

Still, we all sort of brushed the fiasco under the rug. The less we have to face such a black eye the better. It’s better to focus on Common’s 2014 where he’s been on a rampage, dropping gem after gem (his track “Kingdom” with Vince Staples has to be near the top of the list of tracks to drop this year). Then Com went ahead and ruined it with an interview for Vlad TV of all places.

Basically, he confirmed what we already knew: Common was really just mad Drake was hanging out with Serena Williams after their break-up. Sure, Drake needs to get checked for his habitual “Marvin’s Room”-ing (it’s still up for debate if the genesis of his and Kanye’s cold war revolved around pics of Drizzy and Amber Rose right after her break up with Yeezy), but Common played himself here. Instead of being honest with everyone and his own emotional fit, Common tried to diss Drake under the guise of “real Hip-Hop.”

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Common has been one of rap’s great ambassadors but using the culture as a shield to disguise the fact he couldn’t handle the idea of his fellow Triscuit-complected rap peer playing serve and volley with Serena Williams’ sumptuous backside is as soft as anything we’ve ever claimed Drake of doing. Isn’t Drake supposed to be the simp, here? Isn’t Drake supposed to be the emotional softy who can’t cope with the loss of a good woman? Shouldn’t Drake be “catching feelings” in this situation?

Instead, we get Common Sense letting his emotions take control as he resorts to basically yelling “b*tch” and “soft mother*cker” over a hook in what was nothing more than a glorified temper tantrum.

Really, though, all Common had to do was come out and tell the truth: Drake hanging around the woman I love is making me angry. We’d understand. I mean, Common is still too damn old to be publicly fawning and fighting over a woman like that, but I get it. Serena Williams is Serena Williams and Drake as rebound guy is probably a slap to the face.

But don’t act like you’re preserving Hip-Hop from the soft MCs out there when you’re just trying to hide your own insecurities and d*ck swinging over a woman. This wasn’t a Hip-Hop issue. This was a guy in his feelings, so own it.

At least when Kurupt caught wind of DMX and Foxy Brown, he threw out a direct diss, named names and owned his bitterness. Common took the respect he earned as a Hip-Hop pillar and used it to justify his pettiness. That’s weak. And in turn Common thrust himself into a corny feud that he lost. Well, we all lost due to its stupidity. But Common damn sure didn’t win.

As we gear up for Common’s release on July 22nd, we can appreciate the fact the album is going to be dope and he’s been putting out tremendous music. But we should at least be able to also call a spade a spade. And Common played himself.

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