Common Continues The March Towards ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ With “Speak My Piece”

06.30.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


Things I’m most looking forward to (in no particular order):

— More badass World Cup games.
The NFL coming back.
Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Nobody’s Smiling.

At this point, given the noticeable lack of big-name summer releases coming through the pipeline, Common is sitting confidently at the head of the class. Every early cut we’ve heard so far is gravy, and the 13-song tracklist should inspire confidence on features and length alone.

Add “Speak My Piece” to the pro-Smiling… argument. Lyrically, Common sounds as fit as ever, tap-dancing over a kinetic No I.D. beat in a style that’s pure, old-school shit-talking. Like I said last week, Common has shown zero interest in giving up the rock, even now, 20 years into one of the most decorated careers in the genre. You’re damn right I’ll be there when Nobody’s Smilingdrops on July 22.

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