Complex Previews Pusha T’s Fear Of God

03.07.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

The evolution of Pusha T “the solo artist” has been an interesting subplot in Hip Hop to follow. His track record alongside his brother is certified as one of the better groups the genre ever produced. But nevertheless, the braided half the Clipse is essentially starting over from scratch.

Remember when the big question for mixtape rappers (see: Lloyd Banks and Cassidy) would be if they could produce a retail effort half as good as their street albums? Well, that same sort of unknown expectation lies on Pusha T’s plate with his forthcoming Fear Of God mixtape.

Complex’s Insanul Ahmed beat everyone to the punch and received a chance to listen to the project a few weeks early. Instead of being one of those guys who just tweets about how great/wack something is long before us mere mortals get to hear it, he did us all a favor and previewed the entire ride. I will reserve further judgement until later this month.

“I Still Wanna” f/ Rick Ross & Ab-Liva
Produced by: The Inkredibles
Complex says: No one has sold more kilos (on wax) than Rozay, so we’re gonna go ahead and say he’s the perfect fit for a track about how deep down inside, Pusha still wants to move keys. For anyone who can’t get enough of Ross’ grunts, this track won’t disappoint since Ross grunts about five times during his verse and once during Pusha’s verse. Meanwhile, Pusha rhymes about how, “I still wanna move kilos/That’s what happens when you Micheal and they treat you like you’re Tito.”

“Open Your Eyes”
Produced by: Nottz
Complex says: This song has two verses and no hook. Ziplock P rhymes about how Wesley Snipes was G’ed by this accountants and how he’s here to “restore the feeling.” Pusha previously told us his ad-libs on songs were inspired by Puffy’s shit talking at the end of classic Bad Boy mixtapes, and there’s no shortage of shoutouts on this one. In fact, Push may or may not have deaded his beef with Wayne when he yells, “FREE WEEZY! Congrats my nigga. Now let Tip go!”

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