Connor Evans Ft. Shawn Chrystopher – “Hipsters & PrimaDonnas”

05.17.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

The “summer anthem” label gets tossed around a lot. And, because I’m as prime an offender as you’ll find, maybe it’s time to give my personal definition of the term. To qualify as a warm-weather hit, tracks need to possess several of the following traits:

— A happy, easy-to-digest beat. Some might disagree, but if I can’t play it at a kick-back, I’m passing. Keep MMG out of my barbecue, please.

— A harmonious hook. This should be obvious because if I want to quietly sing along, a nice melody is a necessity.

— Easygoing lyrics. If I’m partaking in lighthearted activities, I want my music to run parallel with that.

Connor Evans’ “Hipsters & PrimaDonnas” hits every mark. The backdrop is spritely and wandering, and just feels good on the ears. The hook begs for a hum-along. And the lyrics – aided by the ever-reliable Shawn Crystopher – give you permission to turn your phone off, grab another beer, and enjoy a the best time of the year with your closest friends and family.

Connor Evans Ft. Shawn Chrystopher – “Hipsters & PrimaDonnas”

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