Converse Introduces Its Spring 2014 Jack Purcell Sneaker Collection

02.04.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Spring 2014 Jack Purcell

Two more winter storms are about to pound the Midwest and East Coast like White Castle on a colon because, duh, winter. Boots are the preferred footwear for everyone from Denver to Boston right now, with canvas kicks’ being relegated to the back of the closet with the rest of everyone’s spring and summer wardrobes.

But Converse wants you to momentarily forget that it’s February, as the company unveiled its Spring 2014 line of its classic Jack Purcell sneakers with a corresponding clothing collection to match. The line takes up three essential tenets for its look: modern, crafted and versatile. According to Nike’s press release (Converse’s parent company), the sneakers achieve their look in the following ways:

1. Modern – Classic sneakers are as modern as their first iterations decades ago, but Converse added tortoise shell detailing to the eyelets and flecked laces of its Spring 2014 collection.

2. Crafted – Instead of canvas, Converse utilized twill and leather for this particular line. Their use makes for a savvier and more sophisticated look.

3. Versatile – Heading somewhere super casual like the bar? Got an all-important Friday business meeting at the office? The Purcells dress well–as they always have–with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to suit trousers and a jacket. These are your utility player sneakers for any and all occasions.

Check below for some of the offerings. They’re already out and start around $45. No word yet on a release date for nice weather.







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