Coolio Releasing An Album With PornHub Is The Collaboration You Never Knew You Wanted

07.22.14 3 years ago 22 Comments

Coolio is still rapping. Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. On top of that, he’s releasing all of his music on PornHub. Which is amazing because I can’t think of anything that goes together better than porn and Coolio. In fact, his first single is called “Take It To The Hub” which is sure to be a lyrical masterpiece. At the very least, it’ll have tits.

The deal worked like this: PornHub provided the women for the video and Coolio would debut his videos on the site for free. That’s…brilliant, actually because people just click on whatever on PornHub and they’ll accidentally click on his album a few thousand times a day in between faps.

Laugh all you want, but Skin Diamond is in the video. Now, you sure you’re not going to watch? You sure you sure.

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