Cop: Paul Frank x SpeakerCraft Julius Dance Machine

03.03.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

This may come as a shocking revelation to some, but not everybody uses their iPod to listen to Raekwon or Arcade Fire spread perfected pandemonium in their eardrums. Kiddies and little old ladies alike need something a little more cheerful when it comes to enjoying their tunes. Paul Frank and SpeakerCraft are accomodating the needs of many with their characterized iPod docking station the Julius Dance Machine.

While it looks cute and is obviously aimed at genial music listeners, the SpeakerCraft juncture ensures there will be no shortage in sound quality. In other words, prepare to enjoy the vibes of Wow Wow Wubbzy in all its crystal clear glory.

But dig this. “Like” the Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine on Facebook and you’re automatically entered to win one, free of hassle.

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