Cop: Undrcrwn “I Hate Danny Ainge” T-Shirt

02.25.11 7 years ago 36 Comments

While most fans are befuddled by yesterday’s swell of trades, Celtics fans seem most disgusted, their frustration directed at one person: executive Danny Ainge. And now, there’s a shirt for that, thanks to UNDRCRWN.

“Danny Ainge’s recent trade decision may seem a bit annoying to Celtics Fans. But back in 1987, Detroit fans drove the point home by wearing “I Hate Danny Ainge” t-shirts before a playoff game. As Ainge was warming up on the court, he spotted a group of Pistons fans all wearing the “I Hate Danny Ainge” T-shirts. Instead of taking offense, Ainge approached the fans and asked for a shirt. He wore the tee throughout warm-ups, joining his detractors’ cause—“just having fun with the fans in Detroit,” he explained.”

And now the shirt has been reincarnated. Check out the new and improved “I Hate Danny Ainge” UNDRCRWN tee available exclusively at

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