Throw The Book At ‘Em

11.14.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Remember those cops a few months back who were caught playing Nintendo Wii during a drug bust?  The one’s that spent nine hours of taxpayer’s money practicing for the PAL Bowling League?

Well after an internal investigation by the all of the involved parties were found at  fault for their behavior.  And threw the hammer down on them. The plastic hammer.

The scope of the investigation included three Polk County sheriff’s sergeants, three sheriff’s detectives, one deputy who was temporarily assigned to the Bureau of Special Investigations at the time, one Winter Haven police detective, one Auburndale police detective, one Lakeland police detective and one Lakeland police sergeant.

The undercover detectives received a letter of retraining and are required to complete two hours of retraining. Supervising sergeants involved in the incident got a letter of guidance and four hours of retraining. – The Ledger

Two & four hours of retraining?

I got in more trouble for smacking a store clerk on accident one time & she was the one at fault.  Sure, they didn’t mistakenly kill anyone, but the cops should have least had to forfeit the money they earned while playing games instead of working.  They stole time, money and resources from the community.  But then again when cops get away with manslaughter on a regular basis, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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