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Since public television got some shine, why can’t LC’s first love get some as well?  Last night, I was all set to turn in early after checking out The Book Of Eli until I found out NPR had a stream of Corinne’s The Sea on their site. Needless to say, I had to give it a spin before calling it a night.

Two hours later, it was still spinning.  Understandably darker in tone and heavier on the soul vibes, it still possesses the melodies to draw you in as her eponymous debut did.  Throw in her unique, captivating voice and it’s a wrap.  Which means NPR will be my second favorite website until January 26th when I head over to Best Buy and scoop this up.

Give it a spin and give your thoughts as well.

First Listen: Corinne Bailey Rae, The Sea [NPR]

Pre-order: Corinne Bailey Rae’s The Sea [Amazon]

Hat tip: Y2K

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