Country Is King!

03.10.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

Maybe Nelly was on to something by doing the collabo with Tim McGraw. If you’re an artist still determined to make it in the music business, perhaps you should focus your attention on making it in a genre not readily associated with rappers. According to a recent study, if the music industry is to survive by the traditional business model, it will be on the backs of country music fans.

— Roughly two in five American adults ages 18-54 qualify as country music fans.
— They’re predominantly Caucasian, more often female than male.
— Forty percent of them make more than $50,000 year.
— Roughly 5 percent of American adults aged 18-54 qualify as “countryphiles,” and they’re not big fans of digital downloads.

it speaks volumes about your values system. It’s like some of the more statement genres: hip-hop or classic rock. Of all the genres we’ve studied, we think country probably says the most about a person.”

Why they don’t download can easily be explained by location. Have you ever went back to the early 90’s aka a rural area that’s still on dial-up? When I go to my parents’ house, I don’t even waste time thinking of downloading. It takes almost 17 minutes just to pull up the site. A blessing in disguise for the music industry, insulating “country from some of the things that have damaged other genres with ripping and file sharing.”

Given these bits of info, I’m praying Wayne doesn’t catch wind and flip Rebirth to a compilation of new age Conway Twitty tunes.

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