Orange Is Not A Good Color For Rappers

06.30.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Rappers and jail report, featuring updates on the court cases against Boosie and Max B.

In a recent MTV interview, Wavy Crockett says he could have won the case if he had spent more time with his lawyers instead of working on his debut album, Vigilante Season.

“I was working, not focusing on the case at hand that mattered. And (in) the end, when I had to go in that courtroom, I wasn’t prepared. I just let my lawyer do whatever. That’s a lesson. You got be on top of lawyers, you gotta do your own studying when you get situations like that. You can’t put your faith in his hands. They’re only human. Humans disappoint people. You gotta put your faith in God. You gotta work hard.” [MTV]

Pretty much confirms what I already knew, which is Max isn’t all that bright. If I’m up for the charges and time he was facing, I don’t think writing an album would have been my primary focus. Furthermore, Vigilante Season…nevermind. Good luck, Max. You’ll need it.

And another rapper facing the guillotine is Boosie, who plead not guilty to the murder charges he’s facing. Two minor points of note.

1. Between the two legal sides, there’s a definite contrast in demeanor. Boosie’s lawyer looks like he’s sweating bullets (maybe there’s a hit on him if they lose the case?). Meanwhile, the DA is cucumber cool knowing he’s getting a conviction at least a couple of the “several different cases” available to choose from.

2. Hearing the reporter call Boosie by his stage name and put extra emphasis on it gives me a giggle.

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