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Before Curtis dropped this script-flippin’ mixtape in 2001 and consequently changed how hip-hop-heads would eventually get their fix, music was copped in the form of these shiny little things called compact discs.

Some of you OGs might remember ‘em.

For the most part, these discs, better known as CDs, were the only sufficient means of self-promotion for artists and their music. Without MySpace or iTunes, these overpriced pieces of plastic had the game in a sleeper chokehold (which it officially tapped out of last year).

Within this key career builder, or rapper resume, a specific and closed-knit song selection comprised the make-up of each musical canvas. Depending on the emcee’s mindstate, the breadth of their current project and certain label politics, anywhere from 10-to-20 songs filled the contents of their crown jewel case. Then, once in the hands of the public, those select few songs immediately embodied that artist.

Unfortunately, the tracks that didn’t make that choice cut usually wound up on the cutting room floor, most of the time never to be heard again. Whether it’s because they didn’t fit the album concept, a sample couldn’t be cleared, or simply because the relevance had been lost, many a song has fallen to the wayside.

Now, though, in a digital age where music downloads and instantaneous mixtape releases are commonplace, these album leftovers don’t even hit the fridge. Instead of being unusable, they’re seemingly just reworked, repackaged and shipped around the proper marketing scheme.

That said, the same can’t be said for most older joints. A lot of unreleased songs dated before, let’s say ’03, will never be offered to the ears of the average listener. Unless you’re an industry insider, or a religious online message-board dork (like me), they’ll sadly just remain in the proverbial vaults.

At least, until a quaint little music blog stirs shit up and tells all of it’s readers to submit as many of their favorite forgotten songs as Sharebee can handle.

I know most of you mainstays got ’em. If you don’t already do it regularly, or are too lazy to participate, ante up. I’ve pulled the string a little, by uploading my five personal favorites below, and I expect ya’ll to unravel the rest of the pre-2003 forgotten hotness in the Comments section.

Please, for the sake of the music, share the wealth.

Unreleased Loosies

Suga Free – Inside Out (Feat. AMG and DJ Quik)

Roscoe – The Brother
Crooked I – Crook In Me (Feat. Nate Dogg)
Eminem – The Kids
Bizzy Bone – Life Goes On (Tupac Tribute)

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