(C)Rank It! – “Murda Muzik”

08.20.08 9 years ago 81 Comments

Words By David D.

We’ve all got out darker sides.

At one point in your life, you’ve been at that breaking point where you wanted to just ride out and bloody up your significant other, boss or family member. Imagine for one moment you could. You’re in the car on your way to seek revenge. Now…what MC are you listening to?

Who is the best violent MC? Who can make songs that give the most vivid, creative or sometimes hilarious depictions of execution & mayhem?

Bottom line: Who makes the best murder music?

Is it Eminem and his brutalization of his beloved Kim (and any other female for that matter?)

DMX and his corpse-fucking, family-slaughtering mayhem?

Scarface’s chilling imagery?

What about Styles P. or Beanie Sigel?

Redman for those of us who would chainsaw someone with a big ass grin on your face?

Killer Mike? Did you not hear his “Dope Boys” freestyle?

Prodigy has basically made a career out of it…so has G-Unit.

Sound off…but don’t get carried away. TSS ain’t got bail money.

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