Grab Your Baby Pic And Make Your Own ‘Illmatic’ Cover Now

04.09.14 4 years ago 75 Comments

Ryan J Illmatic Artwork

“I’m not your legal type of fella/Moet-drinking, marijuana-smoking street dweller.”

Illmatic, Nas’ debut album and the best Hip-Hop record ever made*, turns 20 on April 19. In honor of its anniversary and its reissue, Illmatic XX, which will feature a host of remixes of the original’s legendary cuts, Nasir and company are letting fans make their own Illmatic album cover. Each person who creates a cover will then be entered for the chance to win two tickets to see Nas perform in concert. Nice!

Above is mine because of course a bowl cut-toting, 5-year-old Ryan J. was eventually meant to become superimposed behind the Queensbridge Housing Projects. I’ll now trek down the street to the Rite Aid, buy a $5 frame and ship the thing to my mom to place on her desk, posthaste.

Click through to to create your own. And for the sake of TSS community involvement, share yours in the comments so we can hassle one another like chums.

Illmatic XX drops April 15. Pre-order here.

* — Per the opinion of this writer, which should be taken as a priori fact in this instance.

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