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We decided to switch it up a little for this edition of Crew Love. Instead of giving you the music that inspires us, we chose to share a few url destinations that we like to spend reading. Consider this Crew Love: The Sites We Like Edition.

David D.

Filmdrunk — Vince is simply the funniest writer I’ve seen on the internets. Pretty much every post about the ridiculousness of Hollywood is literally LOL material. Peep this classic post about the origins of Swine Flu: “Look, all I’m saying is that if a few babies had to die in order to make Willowreferences timely again, so be it.”


Straight Bangin — Joey mixes Hip-Hop, Politics & Sports for an enjoying read. Reads like Pitchfork except he actually sounds like he likes rap music. All this from a Michigan alum…whodathunkit?

True Hoop — Henry Abbot covers the NBA from all angles & has only gotten better since linking with ESPN. Search Who Is William Wesley, which alone is enough reason to check out the blog.

Jason H.

Mets Blog — I’ll admit I’m jealous that Matt Cerrone gets paid to blog about my favorite baseball team, the NY Mets. But as an early follower, I’ve seen the site grow from a personal site to now a corporate sponsored machine. You have to give a guy props when he gives up his day job to run a site with minimal profit, then blows after all the hard work.


The Exactly — Like a carafe of sangria stirred with tomorrow’s hangover, this site is the glitz and grime of Los Angeles. Although there’s a strong emphasis on West Coast Hip-Hop, host Zack Lee follows a formula of posting whatever is dope to him, wherever it comes from. From Pac Div to Dilla, kicks to cuisine, Mr. Lee’s tastes aim to please the senses.

Fail Blog — Tremendous failures at life abound. This site is where I start my day with a coffee and a laugh.


Naked With Socks On — A shrewd take on a topics every woman, man, child, elephant can relate to: the relationship. The site’s tagline — “Revealing Everything While Still Leaving Something to the Imagination” — is pure 14kt gold as each daily article meshes factual events with hypothetical propositions to lead to some unpredictable responses from the various adult readers. It’s also a swift 180° for writer Anslem Samuel, who steered the XXL ship for several years.

Darius Sinclair ™

/FILM — Find out about current movies, independent films and DVD/Blu Ray releases. Strictly for movie buffs and, like yours truly, pirates!

Kotaku — International gamer news in a “I don’t give a fu*k” attitude. Cures all your rouge gaming needs, and then some.

Contra™ — Ever since I quit drinking, I like spend time laughing at those who wish they could. TextsFromLastNight is the perfect way to do this. Aside from being fascinating and thoroughly amusing, it also serves as a stark reminder not to sip that poison.

Read My Writes — There are few people I respect more than my man AV. If I may quote Beanie Sigel’s track “I Can’t Go On This Way”: “My heart’s in the Faith I don’t practice/I still pray along, forgive me for my actions,/Cause I still spit gangsta, think Muslim, and act Kafir.” AV outgrew that mentality and is now a very devout and well-read Muslim. As for me, I’m still more like Beanie, sifting through the pages of his blog hoping for some sort of light to shine on me.


Need 4 Sheed — If I could look at music blogs all day, I would. But, since most of them repeatedly regurgitate the same material daily, I seek info on another one my vices, the Detroit Pistons. Via her soon-to-be-outdated blog,, webmaster Natalie Sitto delivers all the biased banter a Stones fan could need. If we’re lucky, she’ll continue to do so once her namesake is jacking up threes next season in San Antonio.

S. Cadet

Joystiq — Geeks need to get their gaming news fix after they roll out of bed in the wee noon hours from a Call of Duty all-nighter. Joystiq provides news on release dates, well-written previews that tell readers more about the game plus they break stories way before the competition. This way gamers can maximize their play time without going outside and risking sunburn to cop a Game Informer or, God forbid, Gamepro.

Jesse Hagen

Metal Lungies — I’ve long admired and wanted to participate in their “Beat Drop” posts, where they highlight a producer and ask a well-educated, diverse panel to offer up their individual favorites from said producer’s career. Each “Beat Drop” contains behind-the-scenes knowledge, excellent short stories and most importantly, rare, hard-to-find music.

Hip-Hop Is Read — The most impressive collection of sample sets of any site. Want to find the source of RZA’s haunting vocal chop on “Verbal Intercourse?” Or discover where Dr. Dre found the guitar lick for “Xxplosive?” This is the place to go.

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