Crew Love: The Michael Jackson Edition

06.26.09 8 years ago 47 Comments

Of course, there was plenty of material that we planned on posting on Thursday. But when the news & updates started coming in about Michael Jackson, the music stopped.

Of course, new tracks & videos didn’t literally cease hittin’ the net. It was just that, in a peculiar way, the only thing you could actually hear was the King of Pop’s music, be it audible or simply in your mind.

I told Adam last night, I like to think that my dad’s generation had James Brown to transcend all conceivable barriers through music & dance. Our generation had Michael Joseph Jackson.

He was a pop culture icon. At his peak, he was a true star whose name was recognizable even in parts of the globe where traditional media outlets were not. Influential & inspirational, he music will forever outlive him & remain as his legacy. What more can be said about the greatest singer, dancer & entertainer of our time?

Therefore, we take it to the music as the Crew shows their Love, The Michael Jackson Edition.

“Beat It”: The man’s musical influence has spanned over three generations and his music still holds value today. — K1NG

“Wanna Be Startin’ Something”: This song changed my life, as I learned to dance to it. It’s the high hats, horns and the classic chant, “Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa, Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa.” — Darius Sinclair™

“I Want You Back”: The emotion he was able to put into his vocals, the stage presence he had…even at 11 years old, MJ would blow some of these new jacks out of the water. — Amp

“I Can’t Help It”: Don’t front – you rocked the glove, the red jacket and busted out the moonwalk…we all grew up with The King, and I grew up to this Stevie Wonder-produced gem (later sampled for De La’s “Breakadawn”). — Jason Hortillas

Moonwalker, the movie: Dude turned to a Transformer at the end…and killed Joe Pesci and gave me more reason to want to be him. — David Dennis

“Leave Me Alone”: Goodbye MJ. You’re prolific and substantial contributions to American Music will sadly always be tainted by your lifelong experience as the American’s Public object of celebrity obsession and the fucked up things it can do to an individual. R.I.P. — Patrick M.

“Lady In My Life”: As one of the most sampled artists in Hip-Hop, behind the legendary James Brown, Michael Jackson’s impact has and will continue to be felt by all forms of music from Rock to Pop to Hip-Hop. R.I.P. — Landon A.

“Butterflies”: Despite anything you ever heard about the allegations, the court cases, the baffling subplots of his life, this man revolutionized music in a way that will never be duplicated. R.I.P. — Jesse H.

“PYT (Pretty Young Thing)”: The upbeat bass, synth and vocoder behind this track complimented Michael’s image as one of the most elligble bachelors of the 80’s; don’t front like you wouldn’t want to be Mike in ’82. — S. Cadet

“The Way You Make Me Feel” — Despite the mixed views we had on his personal life, our feelings were unanimous when his music hit the speakers. And that’s what matters. — Beware

“Never Can Say Goodbye”: He did it all for us — the best, the worst, the good, the bad and the ugly — and to that end we should grateful and shame filled. — LC Weber

“Human Nature”: As the last song added to Thriller, “Human Nature” is melodic beauty in harmony with Quincy Jones on the production & Michael’s voice proving brooding yet gentle. — Gotty™

“Off The Wall”: While we checked our Twitters with the news on mute, my fiancée had this on repeat. It made her feel better. What else do I need to say? — Trackstar The DJ

“The Love You Save”: Picking your favorite Michael Jackson song is like picking your favorite child: You love them all equally and for different reasons. — MZ

“Man In The Mirror”: He’s finally found peace . R.I.P. to the Man in the Mirror. — Contra™

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